Annual international scientific-practical conference “Food and Feed Technologies 2022”

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From September 20 to 23, 2022, the annual International scientific- practical conference «Food and feed technologies» was held in the online format at the Odessa National University of Technology.

Problems of the conference:
  • Craft technologies of food production as a tool of regional development and magnets of the tourism business. Smart specialization in food technology as a tool for developing socio-economic potential. Association of industrial, educational and innovative industries to determine the priority areas of development of the region.
  • Actual problems of development, technological audit and environmental aspects of food processing, grain processing, feed mill, bakery and confectionery industry. Prediction of production technology of functional food products in order to obtain high quality and safe products. . Ecology, food safety. Trends and challenges.
  • New technologies for dairy, oil, fat, perfume and cosmetic products. Scientific bases of technology of animal products processing, new technologies for new kinds of meat and aquatic products.
  • Innovative technology for natural and waste water for food industry. Management of water quality in food production. Actual problems of restaurants and technologies for health food.
  • Biotechnology in food production – development issues. Safe canning technologies.
  • Innovative technologies for processing secondary products of food production for products with special properties. Winemaking in the context of global trends.

The department of meat, fish and seafood technology actively participated in the work of the conference.

Under the guidance of scientific director Manoli Tetyana, post-graduate student Zhenkun Cui from the School of Food Science, Henan Institute of Science and Technology (Xinxiang, China) gave a very interesting report on the topic “Development of technology of squid meat preparation with new consumer properties”. The work attracted the interest of the conference participants due to its scientific novelty and the large volume of research results.

Teachers and students of the department also presented several poster reports and a poster on the topic “Comments for prolongation of fish storage term”.