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The question “who to be?” arises in life before everyone. Different people ask him each other, we ask him at the time of his youth. This is a difficult question that worries both ninth-graders and high school, graduates. Even quite adult people who are already working in a certain field of activity, but are not satisfied with their work, ask themselves the question: “Have I chosen the profession correctly? Have you made a mistake?” Whatever you say, finding your vocation in life, your profession is a difficult task. And this is only at first glance the choice of a profession – a purely personal matter, in fact, it has state, social significance.
Indeed, at work, a person spends more than a quarter of his life, and not only his material well-being but also his everyday mood depends on how pleased he is with his work.
Work argues when you are passionate about it when you wake up with a joyful thought about it when you don’t notice how a working day flies.
At present, many professions are known in our country, but one must be chosen! And for life.
How to determine a calling? Friends and acquaintances tell you about their work and about those professions that they have heard about. Parents offer to support family traditions and go to the company or company where they work. And you don’t know: to enter a radio technical college, like your neighbor, or go to your father for production, or maybe become a stewardess or teacher? No matter how beautiful the various tips maybe, You will have to make an independent decision, which in the future can determine a lot. Do not rush! Be self-critical and objective: weigh your abilities and inclinations, character traits, think about the future. After all, you know that almost everyone is studying in our country, which means that in a few years you will be able to become a master, technologist, shop manager, and possibly a scientist.
Consider our invitation!
We invite you to the Odessa National Academy of Food Technologies to receive a high-quality education in educational levels with a bachelor and master in the specialties “Technologies for storing, preserving and processing meat”, “Technologies for fish and seafood”, “Technology for the production and processing of livestock products.”
Training in these specialties has two components: theoretical and practical. Theoretical training provides a deeply substantiated scientific basis for all technological processes of meat production, meat processing, and fish processing. Practical training takes place in specially equipped laboratories providing close to industrial conditions, as well as a modern leading enterprise in the meat processing and fish processing industries of Ukraine and abroad.
Upon completion of training, specialists in the specialty “Technologies for storage, conservation, and processing of meat” have the opportunity to build a career as a technologist in meat processing industries, as a manager at various levels (shift foreman, foreman, foreman, director).
Qualification in the specialty “Technology of production and processing of livestock products” makes it possible to get work at farmers, feed, milk, meat and meat processing and processing enterprises, in specialized laboratories of veterinary medicine, diagnostic centers, environmental control laboratories, analytical laboratories of enterprises engaged in production, processing, storage, sale of agricultural and food products.
Graduates in the specialty “Fish and Seafood Technologies” have the opportunity to work as customs laboratory experts for the examination of fish products, managers, leading specialists, managers, shift managers, and workshops of fish processing enterprises and ships, both in Ukraine and abroad.

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We are waiting for you, our entrant!
Choose a profession with style!
Sincerely, Philosophiæ Doctor, Associate Professor, Larysa Agunova