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Добробабина Л.Б., Безусов А.Т. Современные технологии пищевых продуктов из гидробионтов. – Одеса: «Optimum», 2008. – 229 с.
The paper formulates the concept of processing hydro-bionts using biotechnological and thermophysical techniques and a methodology for creating products of high biological value based on them; the possibility of making canned goods from a new aquaculture object, Pilengas, acclimatized in the estuaries of Odessa region, was theoretically substantiated and experimentally confirmed; scientifically substantiated the structure of technological processes and processing parameters in advanced technologies of preserves and canned goods.

Дорохов В. П., Косой В. Д., Рыжов С. А. (Россия), Каимов А. К., Кабулов Б. Б. (Казахстан), Азарова Н. Г. (Украина). Механическая обработка мясного и мясокостного сырья – М.: ДеЛиплюс, 2011. – 470 с.
The monograph embodies the many years of work of the authors, aimed at improving the processes of mechanical processing of meat products. The book outlines the fundamentals of engineering physical and chemical mechanics, including rheological meat and meat and bone raw materials. A theoretical rationale for the machining processes (grinding, mixing, forming) of raw meat is given.
The book is intended for scientific and engineering workers in the food industry, students, undergraduates, and graduate students of higher educational institutions.