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Authors of the department Associate Professor Palamarchuk Anna Stanislavivna, Associate Professor Kushnirenko Nadezhda Mikhailovna and Associate Professor Glushkov Oleg Anatoliyovych published associate textbook for laboratory classes for students of the field of knowledge 18 “Production and Technology”, specialty 181 “Food Technology”, bachelor’s degree  in all forms of education “QUALITY CONTROL, SAFETY AND ECOLOGY IN THE INDUSTRY”.

The manual outlines the basics of sensory methods of quality research, physical, chemical, physico-chemical and instrumental methods of control of technological processes, quality, safety and ecology in the fish processing industry – raw materials, semi-finished products, auxiliary materials and containers, finished products. The main provisions and specifics of the organization of technochemical control in the production of various products of the industry, effective input control of raw materials, production control of technological parameters and, as a consequence, quality, safety and ecology of both production and finished products.